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Questions to Ask Before Renting an Apartment



When hunting for an apartment, many renters fall into the same trap of making hasty decisions. It's important to ask yourself a few questions and know the particulars of the rental apartment including what amenities you are getting, landlord rules, costs involved and others. Before renting a house or apartment and signing your rental agreement lease, you need to take your time and ask yourself these important questions to get more info.


Are utilities included in the lease, and which ones specifically? When renting an apartment unit you can click here, you will find some utilities covered in the rent and others not covered. You should ask if gas, cable, Wi-Fi, electric or trash removal are covered in your rent. If there is wireless internet in the building, ask how much it will cost? It's always best to call the landlord directly or the designated property management to get a clear clarification on these details if you are not sure. Such details should be included in the lease agreement.


What happens if there is a maintenance problem? Some apartment buildings have on-site property managers or landlords who live in the building, while others hire management services that you can always call when there is a problem. It's critical to ask how maintenance and repair requests and emergencies will be handled. There has to be a clear outline of how you can contact the landlord or the management to get fast services when there is a maintenance problem in the apartment.


Are pets allowed in the apartment building? Some property owners don't allow dogs or cats while others will have rules allowing pets on a case-by-case basis but at a fee. It's important to read the property's policies on pets and check the fine print about animals. If the landlord allows pets, expect to pay a pet security deposit. In most cases, apartment buildings will only allow small pets like cats and small dogs. Also, inquire about visiting pets. Will your friend's Golden Retriever be allowed into the building?


What are the upfront costs expected when I sign the lease? Most landlords will require you to pay at least one month's rent upfront as a security deposit against damages and also the first and last month's rent. There is also an application fee and charges for running a credit check. Understand every fee so that you can plan your budget well. It's also important to ask about the penalties for breaking the lease and also have everything in writing before signing. Asking these questions ensures that you rent an apartment knowing what to expect.


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